​St. Peter & St. Paul 

Our Parents As Partners

For over 25 years St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic School has fostered partnerships with parents because we believe that a child’s primary educators are the parents.  At St. Peter and St. Paul School parents participate in their child’s school life by volunteering in the classroom, assisting with field trips, and contributing to the school’s curriculum and operation. Participation is required of all parents through the Family Participation Program.

School Mission and Philosophy

The purpose of St. Peter and St. Paul School is to provide a faith-based educational environment for all students.  Teachers act as facilitators to motivate students to take responsibility for their actions, their goals and their lives.  Together with parents, we strive to generate an enthusiasm for learning that promotes spiritual, social-emotional, intellectual and physical growth that will prepare students for their future in our Catholic Church and in our society.


St. Peter and St. Paul School embraces the Developmental theory of education for young children by:

  • Providing developmentally appropriate curriculum in a Catholic Christian environment;
  • Creating opportunities to develop independence and problem solving skills;
  • Fostering positive self-image through open-ended, multi-sensory activities;
  • Developing social skills in a cooperative atmosphere that promotes awareness and respect of others;

To be Saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for EVERYONE.
--Pope Francis

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